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[EtherFuture @ AnimeNEXT 2009: FIN]


It’s not the con itself that makes the experience, it’s the people around you at the con that makes it worthwhile. – ALEX

AnimeNEXT 2009 is officially over. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table or chatted with Kou. We had two of our friends there who were cosplaying along with us as Gundam Meisters from Gundam 00. So if you missed us, we apologize, but pictures should wind up have been posted in my LiveJournal sometime this week. Sorry if I seemed anti-social also. I like to talk to people, but I don’t like making visitors feel uncomfortable. =[

We’re truly interested in hearing from those who were happy customers or those who picked up one of our free complimentary double-sided prints, but even moreso interested in what YOU may want to see next con. Since EtherFuture is in the business of doing illustrations and commissions, if you have an idea for a character or an anime character that you like, feel free to leave a comment on this entry, or drop us a line at the following e-mail address:

contact at etherfuture dot com – Please include your name, alias, if you attended ANEXT or not, and any necessary details that we should know about. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

AnimeNEXT ’09 was the first anicon that EF has participated in. So I have to give ANEXT some huge thanks for coming through for us with our Artist Alley table. Also, thanks to the helpful and professional staff for keeping things as orderly as possible. We hope to be involved with your convention again in 2010.

I’ve been home for an hour already. I should go unpack and enjoy the rest of what’s left of my “fantasy” as reality sets back in. And boy is it a harsh one. Ja ne.


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