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[EtherFuture launches weekly 4koma strip]


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As of 2AM, we revealed the first strip of our new 4-koma series, affectionately named, DoHkoma! (Dance of Heart koma!). Since there is really no hype surrounding us, we kept the name of our 4-koma under the table until the strip was released. For now, you can conveniently check it out at the Dance of Heart website under the “DoHkoma” category here.

What you can expect from this 4-koma strip is random, non-linear, bite-sized humor that pokes fun at the Dance of Heart storyline, characters, and the creators. There will likely be a bunch of “fourth-wall” breaking, but that’s the fun of making our characters say and do what we want within the bounds of their personality. Expect to have at least one strip a week at the minimum. You’ll want to keep an eye out though, as we may have time to do more as time goes on. You can find out the details of why we decided to create a 4-koma here.

If you’ve already read Strip 001, then you already have an idea of what we hope readers will find attractive about these cute, boke/tsukkomi-like strips. Since I’ve already given away a bit of my writer’s influence, I’ll go ahead and say that I had KOU model his character designs after nendoroids. We’re happy about this exploration into this creative style and hope that it will become an addition that many people can enjoy at any time.

If you feel the need to, please let us know what you think! Dance of Heart is still our top priority, so do continue to follow our progress via Twitter or the site itself.

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Thank you for reading and Happy New Year to you!

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