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[EtherFuture & MangaNEXT 2010]


Ah~ MangaNEXT…the convention where EtherFuture first made our debut at the Artist Alley in 2008. This was also the convention where we met a group of girls whom I have stayed in touch with since then and have tabled & have met up with at a few different cons. MangaNEXT is a con that holds a lot of meaning for myself and the group, as it was also during a time where I was losing faith in and feeling greatly disconnected from attending conventions in general – I was having a hard time forming lasting relationships. However, that all changed and now I look forward to seeing five awesome ladies every year.

Enough with the sentimentalities though! You want to know what EtherFuture doing for MangaNEXT right? Well, the answer is…


That’s right. No Artist Alley this year because we were at AnimeNEXT and used our limited financial resources to get ourselves a hotel room. I’m especially hurting in the job department and I’m a big fan of staying on the premises for all three days for optimal enjoyment factor. Though without a hotel room and no real money to spend, I was less inclined to even attend. Actually, I wouldn’t even be attending if it weren’t for me being the lucky winner of a FREE 3-DAY Pass through the Twitter Retweeting contest! I also managed to be graciously given a place to sleep & shower in by none other than the same friends I made at MNEXT 2008!

Honestly, I’m REALLY fortunate here to be attending what is certainly panning out to be an amazingly educational & enjoyable convention. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity to see what the con staff has done to make it even better after skipping a year. As for KOU, he will be showing up on Saturday for some of the festivities, but I will be around representing EtherFuture all three days.

But wait, didn’t I say we weren’t doing anything for this con? Yeah I did…BUT in light of my attendance, KOU & I spent a week upgrading the artwork of our mascot and designing our first batch of EF business cards respectively. I’ve shown off samples of the front-side to trusted artsy friends and each one echoed the other in nothing but positive feedback on my layout! I put the finishing touches on them last Friday & sent them off to the printer. The expected arrival time is this Friday *fingers crossed*. KOU’s cards will arrive later. We’re pretty excited to see if the reactions will be similarly positive as they were for our postcards from 2009. (See our postcard in the Gallery)

As a reward for reading our blog, you now get to find out another little tidbit. We have a lot of exclusive, behind-the-scenes visual content that I’m trying to get together to share with those special people who “Like” our Page on Facebook. I’ll be making an announcement here, adding links/icons, and will be adding Facebook’s “Open Graph” button to this site when everything is ready to be kicked off.

So keep an eye out for us and hope to really start connecting with you soon on Twitter (@ramuneamai / @etherfuture) and Facebook! ^_^ Hope to see you at MNEXT!


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