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[Winter 2011 Update]


– ANEXT ’11 is going to be very different this year for KOU and I in regards to Artist Alley. We had our first talk about it yesterday and things will start revving soon. More on that below.

– I need to start using my DeviantArt journal more for short creative updates. (

– KOU and I entered Yen Press’s Manga Talent search in mid-November, giving us only a month and a few days to complete a 32-page one-shot manga short story. We finished the early morning of the January 3rd deadline and hadn’t properly slept (sometimes very little or not at all) throughout the Christmas & New Year’s holidays. This was our first time doing something so extreme, and we’ve come out of it with a team drive and dedication to creating doujinshi and manga that we couldn’t have experienced any other way. We will either be chosen to be featured in Yen Press’s online magazine Yen Plus, or providing samples for people to flip through at ANEXT as proof of our accomplishment. We’ll announce something either way.

– Because of this, I’ve also started drawing more frequently than I ever have before.

– After a week break from the madness of our talent submission, we’re back to finishing up our “commission” for a KH doujin overhaul that we received at MangaNEXT ’10. That should be wrapping up by early February. Samples of this will also be provided. The story concept is not our own, but the work gone into production, editing, paneling, and artwork completely justifies us showing it off.

– This year’s lead project is our original BRS X VOCALOID crossover doujin which will be following the KH doujin’s completion. About 70% of the script is written. We will be shooting for us to complete this around late Spring to debut at AnimeNEXT ’11. This will be our first time selling doujinshi at a con, thusly following through with EtherFuture’s main goal to become a trendsetter and producer of original & fan-inspired doujinshi crafted by Westerners.

– Depending on how early we can complete our main project, we may be able to produce other little items to be sold. Can’t say what yet.

– 5 Centimeters Per Second has been over thrown by Bakuman as my #1 all-time favorite anime. Read the manga or watch the currently airing anime, talk to myself and KOU again, and you’ll understand why.

– I might be cosplaying as Akito Takagi from Bakuman. We’ll see how much time/money I have when things start to develop.

That’s all for now! You know how to contact us. See you next~

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  2. Kou says:

    Wow, things are getting exciting! I’m so psyched, I can hardly wait, Shujin!

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