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[Defining Doujinshi: A Brief Consideration]


EtherFuture’s initial foundation is in manga-type doujinshi (or fanzines). We’ve been aware that the term “doujinshi” isn’t just an end-all term and should be used properly. The definition that I personally have been going by is:

[Spring 2011 Update]

EtherFuture Spring 2011 Update feat. BRS & Miku

We have some exciting news to share regarding our doujinshi production, anime conventions, and where we’re headed going forward. Don’t get left behind and read on!

[So I heard you’re original]

Very often, I come across a piece of online content that I find particularly awesome and valuable to me as an individual who has every intent on taking EtherFuture as far as it can possibly go. I then share this content with KOU, expecting him to take it in as the co-founder of this circle. The latest content in question approaches the idea of “originality.”

[Art From The Ether: mrFatso]

Recently, a close online friend, budding illustrative artist, and emphatic supporter of EF’s work asked me to critique her latest piece of art. I jokingly replied, “My opinion isn’t really worth very much. I’m a writer and digital designer.” To paraphrase her response:

[Winter 2011 Update]

– ANEXT ’11 is going to be very different this year for KOU and I in regards to Artist Alley. We had our first talk about it yesterday and things will start revving soon. More on that below.