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[EtherFuture 2012 Year-End Recap]


2012 has been a crazy and exciting year for EtherFuture. Read more about what went down after the cut.

[EtherFuture at Anime Toshocon!]


[EF @ AnimeNEXT 2012 Artist Alley Recap]

I think those of us in EtherFuture would agree that our presence at AnimeNEXT 2012 was felt only gently this year in light of not having our own Artist Alley table. However, that is no reason to not thank everyone who came by Table 73 and checked us out! Lots of great things happened because of you. But first, just as I shared an uplifting MangaNEXT 2012 story…

[EtherFuture at AnimeNEXT 2012!]

We haven’t exactly been hyping up our attendance at our upcoming home convention, AnimeNEXT, have we? Our Artist Alley presence this year was foiled yet again by the overwhelming demand for tables. We were not the only ones among our comrades who felt the sting of defeat…

[First Japan Manga Convention For Foreign Comics]


[Machi Asobi Doujinshi Event to Offer Saber Poster]

Information was revealed on Saturday that attendees who donate blood at the Machi Asobi doujinshi event can obtain a B3-sized Fate/Zero poster. The poster features Saber along with an uplifting statement that loosely reads “Through blood donations, this nation will become one that overflows with love.” This event will take place in Tokushima from May 3rd to 5th for the eighth time.