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[Time-Lapsed Comiket 81 Lines]



Crunchyroll reported on the massive turnout (~500,000 attendees) at the largest doujinshi event in the world, Comiket 81, December 29-31st. Though not so much about the turnout as how crazy orderly the staff managed to herd everyone inside! The two videos [Day 1] & [Day 3] are only about six minutes in total, but if you enjoy time-lapse videos as much as I do, you’ll certainly be amazed at the dedication of so many otaku to show up bright and early and their level of patience to keep everyone safe. I wish someone could take a time-lapse video of New York Comic Con’s line, which I’ve been herded through twice so far.

Tip: As the day becomes later, it is interesting to see how people would set up shop and how orderly the small crowd gathers around them. With so many people passing through all the time, you’re almost guaranteed enough onlookers to draw a crowd.

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