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We’re officially a month away from attending Anime Toshocon in New York! This will be EtherFuture’s first time traveling out-of-state for a con, and what better way to get a feel for the experience than with a single day of con awesomeness! We are pretty excited to be a part, and thrilled to give you a tidbit of what you can expect to see from us at Toshocon 2012 way in advance.

This year, EtherFuture has secured our own Artist Alley space with many other talented artists. We’re pretty sure we’ll be catering to a majority of new faces, so we’re looking forward to introducing our popular manga doujinshi, Black☆Rock Shooter X VOCALOID, that debuted earlier this year. We will also have a few copies of our first published 18+ Pokemon B/W manga doujinshi, FLASH FLAIR, courtesy of the great people at DoujinPress. Those who like cute, well-made bookmarks can check out our matching collection that bundles nicely with our doujins. For those who know our work, we are preparing a illustration or two that we are planning to unveil for the first time at Toshocon and subsequent conventions!

…Or we could share a preview if enough people like the idea. (Hint: Use the Share buttons to the left). <3

Toshocon is still a fledgling anime convention with a number of events and live performances to offer, but I can already guarantee there’s going to be A LOT more to see in Artist Alley than last year. We are looking forward to a more laid-back atmosphere, meeting the Artist Alley staff, hopefully getting to know more artists, and maybe even some pictures & video. Admission for the con itself is free, by the way. So, if you can drop by, please look for our EtherFuture signage and mascot, ARI, and say hi! ^_^

Can’t make it this time? =(
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  1. Noatak says:

    Wow:D Toshocon sounds like a bowl of awesome sauce! Did you two sell a lot of copies? Oh, and who/what was the craziest cosplay you guys saw? ^^;

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