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[Otaku-VerseZero & Doujinshi in Akihabara]


[DoujinPress Seeking Aspiring Artists]

DoujinPress has announced a event for aspiring doujinshi artists to submit a short piece to be included in an anthology. A select few will be offered a commissioned opportunity from DP themselves to be created and published.

[Defining Doujinshi: A Brief Consideration]


EtherFuture’s initial foundation is in manga-type doujinshi (or fanzines). We’ve been aware that the term “doujinshi” isn’t just an end-all term and should be used properly. The definition that I personally have been going by is:

[So I heard you’re original]

Very often, I come across a piece of online content that I find particularly awesome and valuable to me as an individual who has every intent on taking EtherFuture as far as it can possibly go. I then share this content with KOU, expecting him to take it in as the co-founder of this circle. The latest content in question approaches the idea of “originality.”

[Art From The Ether: mrFatso]

Recently, a close online friend, budding illustrative artist, and emphatic supporter of EF’s work asked me to critique her latest piece of art. I jokingly replied, “My opinion isn’t really worth very much. I’m a writer and digital designer.” To paraphrase her response:

[The EF Social Network and You]


In the past, I’ve written that we would be making efforts to become more socially engaged online. Over the past few weeks, we’ve done just that in order to hopefully grow our online network. Complete info after the gap.