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[Fall 2011 Update]


EtherFuture’s mascot, ARI | Illus: KOU

Two months have come and gone for everyone, including us here at EtherFuture. I wouldn’t be surprised if you took our silence as a negative sign, but the truth is that much has been going on behind the scenes. Reorganizing how we collaborate & produce work. Refining our vision and goals in the long and short-term. Playing catch-up on necessities that have been put off since we began about 2 1/2 years ago.

Trust me. We’ve been busy. Not just for ourselves, but for you as well.

[Winter 2011 Update]

– ANEXT ’11 is going to be very different this year for KOU and I in regards to Artist Alley. We had our first talk about it yesterday and things will start revving soon. More on that below.

[EtherFuture + ANEXT’10 START!]

EtherFuture is off to a “ROLLING START” with all that we have lined up for our time at AnimeNEXT 2010! Yes we are bent on making that into an internet meme. XD

[EF Site Dev Update #3]

Between this week and last week, more progress has been made since my last site dev update back in July. What was taking so long was my fear of entering new territory with developing a WordPress-driven website. However, within the last month, I put myself in a position where I had no choice but to complete a WordPress blog at my real job. My work on that has crushed my fear, cleared my head, and enabled me to break through the wall of doubt that was keeping me from writing and deciphering my XHTML and CSS properly.

In a few words, I put a gun to my head, learned some new tricks, and the ball is rolling again. For real.

[EF Site Dev Update #2]

So…a progress report on the site. It’s been a daunting enough task getting a handle on WordPress template integration and I haven’t even gotten that far yet. Right now though, my main priority has been getting the internal page layout design as close to what I’ve mocked up in Photoshop as possible:

[EtherFuture Site Dev Update #1]

The website is currently 100% drafted in Photoshop and about 40% coded. Not to mention, this blog layout is temporary and will be integrated with the site in time. Read on to find out the whole story.