EtherFuture: Impacting Imaginations

[EF Site Dev Update #2]


So…a progress report on the site. It’s been a daunting enough task getting a handle on WordPress template integration and I haven’t even gotten that far yet. Right now though, my main priority has been getting the internal page layout design as close to what I’ve mocked up in Photoshop as possible:


As this site is by far my largest and first attempt at using WordPress to build a website done completely with CSS DIV layout control, I’m dealing with some serious hurdles. For example, the layout for the landing page of the site is turning out to be much different than the internal page layout because of how I want it to look. I even had to do a quick wireframe because I’m unable to maintain a mental picture of the amount of DIV layering this is going to involve:


Keep in mind that I’m designing & building this site on my own in my so-called “free time.” I want the site at least operational and populated with content by the end of August. All the bells and whistles that I want to try out can wait. Hope you liked what you saw though.

My next blog entry will be introducing the EtherFuture circle’s newest member! Hope you’ll check it out! Ja ne~!

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