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[New 4koma project to coincide with Dance of Heart rescheduling]

EtherFuture’s lead project, Dance of Heart began back in June on the same day AnimeNEXT ’09 kicked off. Since then, KOU (artist) and myself (scriptwriter/director) have produced 25 issues of DoH as of today. Despite the hurdles of life, school, computer issues, and that nagging desire to evolve to a level of seamless, accurate production, we’re proud of each and every issue we’ve put out. To those who have given us feedback, waited patiently for the next issue, or just plain forgot about us until now, thank you for even checking us out. Because of you, we are making some changes that we’re excited to share and hope you’ll find worth reading on about.

[EF Site Dev Update #3]

Between this week and last week, more progress has been made since my last site dev update back in July. What was taking so long was my fear of entering new territory with developing a WordPress-driven website. However, within the last month, I put myself in a position where I had no choice but to complete a WordPress blog at my real job. My work on that has crushed my fear, cleared my head, and enabled me to break through the wall of doubt that was keeping me from writing and deciphering my XHTML and CSS properly.

In a few words, I put a gun to my head, learned some new tricks, and the ball is rolling again. For real.

[New Project: Otaku Pride Custom Themes]

etherfuture_opmikulayoutAs promised, I have some good news on the newest project that EtherFuture will be handling. If you would prefer a tl;dr version of this post, a summary can be found in the Projects section. For those who want the whole story…

[EtherFuture: What happened?]

In the words of the Otaku Pride 500 Server Error page:

Something has gone terribly wrong…! And yes, KOU drew that and this. XD

[Dance of Heart Creators featured on podcast]


KOU and I were on the Otaku Pride Podcast this past Sunday as the creators of Dance of Heart! We had a great time talking with the guys and girl of the podcast and shooting the breeze about a good number of topics. We dish out some inside info about the story, the development process, and what Dance of Heart is shaping up to be. Since this is EF’s major project, I definitely encourage you to listen in and let us know what you think!

Otaku Pride Podcast w/ Special Guest: Dance of Heart!

There have also been some content updates on the Dance of Heart site that you will be interested in if you are enjoying it so far.

[Dance of Heart’s Otaku Pride!]

Dance of Heart + Otaku Pride

I have some very awesome news to announce regarding EtherFuture’s masthead project, Dance of Heart. However, I want to preface this announcement with some details of what led up to that. This will also answer a few questions of what EF has been focusing on in the last month or so.