EtherFuture: Impacting Imaginations

[EtherFuture: What happened?]


In the words of the Otaku Pride 500 Server Error page:

Something has gone terribly wrong…! And yes, KOU drew that and this. XD

So what happened to EtherFuture? Well…a heck of a lot. I regret not updating, but frankly I have no idea if anyone would be updated, as we’re nothing popular as of yet. Anyway, I’ll try to keep it brief.

  • For a long while, I had hit a road block with coding the base layout for an internal page of the EF site. Only recently have I mentally overcome my absurd fear and started making progress. Sad that I do this sort of thing for a living, but I make my own fsckin’ site too daunting.
  • Dance of Heart was not updated for a month. Why? EtherFuture’s Lead Artist, Murat (a.k.a. KOU) began his final year of college…and it hasn’t been easy for him. KOU also works two jobs on top of that. The next issue was just released Monday of this week.
  • Soon after KOU started school, he was severely injured in a sparring match at the MMA dojo he works and trains at. This injury did not cripple his hand, but he did need to have surgery on his knee. Needless to say, this was a huge interruption on his lifestyle and physical mobility to things like his scanner. He is now slowly up and about, having drawn up a storm while bedridden.
  • EF’s newest recruited artist, Josias (a.k.a. XION) has worked his computer AND his scanner to its final breath. He was able to create two beautiful illustrations for our next Artist Alley appearance, but now there is a good chance we won’t hear from him for anywhere between a few months to a year…
  • Through the past month and a half, I’ve been riddled with discouraging, financial troubles to the point of having to skip rent after not getting paid for a little over six weeks of work. Thankfully, I received my bulk check yesterday and is in the process of being cleared, but it has not been easy to find motivation to keep strong with EF when reality’s weight is quite heavy.

Nevertheless, EtherFuture is not dead. I made sure not to make lofty promises I couldn’t keep, and EF is still doing what we enjoy to the best of our ability. Collaborating with Otaku Pride continues as well. I look forward to blogging about one or two new developments in the coming days and weeks. =]


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