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[First Japan Manga Convention For Foreign Comics]


[Machi Asobi Doujinshi Event to Offer Saber Poster]

Information was revealed on Saturday that attendees who donate blood at the Machi Asobi doujinshi event can obtain a B3-sized Fate/Zero poster. The poster features Saber along with an uplifting statement that loosely reads “Through blood donations, this nation will become one that overflows with love.” This event will take place in Tokushima from May 3rd to 5th for the eighth time.

[Time-Lapsed Comiket 81 Lines]


[Tenshi-Oni: Angels, Demons, Mikos, & iPhones]


Over at Chuck’s Anime Shrine, they (or he?) have begun developing a original game app called Tenshi-Oni for the iPhone mobile platform.

[SOPA, Doujinshi, and US: A Brief Message]


[EtherFuture Pokemon Manga Doujinshi Selected for Publication]


In our article highlighting DoujinPress, we announced that EtherFuture would be submitting a manga doujinshi piece for commission consideration. Since then, we have kept quiet about our progress, save two production pictures we posted on our Facebook Page and a few choice tweets. In the end, our hard work and determination has paid off yet again.