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[EF Project Focus #01]


After a week of respite from all things EtherFuture, KOU and I met this past Friday for dinner, anime, video amusement, and, most importantly, recapping the weekend that was ANEXT. We discussed what we had both taken away from the con and I had also prepared a list of topics that I felt were relevant to preparing us for the next go-round. There are a few small things, like designing real business cards and improving our social media presence, that we talked about in great length.

One of them being the decision to focus our attention more on breaking into the form of traditional Japanese doujinshi that I originally envisioned this creative circle to produce – manga one-shots. These are typically the kind you hear of being sold at such events like Comic Market (Comiket). Also, if you’ve read or seen the series Genshiken, what I’m talking about should resonate better. Though I recently completed a test run of my more mature-edged writing ability using Kimi Ni Todoke that will likely never see the light of day unless I come across a suitable artist, the one that we will be producing will be for teen audiences and more widely known in the West.

Here’s a hint…

For the record, this is not KOU’s artwork, but a pretty spiffy hint if I do say so.

This is going to be a fast-paced, action-driven story that I’ve envisioned. As usual, I will be wearing multiple hats (Art Director, Scenario Writer, Storyboard) while KOU will be handling the role of Artist & Assistant Art Director. We’ve already begun working out character turn-arounds for clothing styles and should be wrapping that up when we meet tomorrow. I’ll also mention that I’m leaving out a key element that will make more sense once the title is released (yes, I’ve already named it) and have something to show.

No release date as of yet, but we’re pretty excited about this! Oh, and by the way, Dance of Heart is still on, just a bit lower on the priority list due to how badly it needs a better site layout. After I’m done building my personal website, I’ll be able to turn my attention to that. Until then!

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