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In the past, I’ve written that we would be making efforts to become more socially engaged online. Over the past few weeks, we’ve done just that in order to hopefully grow our online network. Complete info after the gap.

  • Facebook “Like” Page: This was the one thing I’ve been putting off for the longest time, but now we have our own Page where you can share your experiences with us, have discussions with us and one another, tag yourself in pictures, and receive exclusive content that you won’t find here or even via Twitter. Our social media strategy on FB isn’t community, but cultivating tangible credibility as a Western doujin circle brand to those whom we have the great opportunity to impact.
  • DeviantArt Account(s): Both myself and KOU have DeviantArt pages now. He has had his for quite some time (though getting him to use it is another story entirely XD), but mine is just about 2 weeks old. Our social goal here is to build comradery and interactivity with those that we’ve met along the way & those whom we hope to meet a con someday. If you have a DA account, go ahead and friend us! We want to get to know you as a person AND as an artist/writer/etc. You’ll have to excuse us for not being too active since we have this website already. ^^;
  • Potential Twitter Event: In case you didn’t know, we also have a Twitter account that you can Follow. Our social media intent with Twitter is to foster personal connection with our fellow artists/customers and provide immediate accessibility to our group overall. You can also Follow myself and KOU for a good time. XD
  • Old-Fashioned E-mail: Not keen on any of the options above? We do e-mail too. Write us to your heart’s content at contact [a] Either myself or KOU do try to write back within 2-3 days.

In the end, all of this is to create a solid alliance of friends (and perhaps even future partners) that respect and support one another as creative and imaginative people. In this day and age there’s no excuse not to. We thrive around those kinds of people – if you’re serious about what you do, chances are that you are the same. Yes, we are still new at this, but we understand that competition is no reason to become an lone island in an fandom-ridden ocean.

Whether you prefer Facebook, DeviantArt, or Twitter, we hope you’ll have a similar desire for online social interaction. Together, we can impact the imaginations of the anime/manga/video game fandom one person at a time.

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