EtherFuture: Impacting Imaginations

[Content Update #3]


I have a few more updates to share and an important announcement on how I’ll be updating from now on. It’s fairly important if you’re into me my updates.

If you didn’t know already, Dance of Heart is moving right along, having released two new issues this past Friday and Monday. Our scheduled releases are for those days. So if you’d like to keep up with it, check in on those days. I think we’re doing pretty good so far. ^^;

Under the Info section in the right-handed bar, content for Projects has been added. Take a look. You might be surprised.

As I shared last time, I will be doing what I can to release updates as often as possible. However, instead of trying to find something to write about every day – that was my original plan – it makes more sense with the least stress to do a full weekly update every Wednesday. I may do a surprise update if needed, but I’m aiming for consistency here.

So please check back every Wednesday for the latest in what EF has going on! You can also subscribe to the RSS feed for any surprise updates that may occur. Ja ne!


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