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[EF Project Focus #02]


Though we’ve been pretty silent around here, the truth is that we’ve been working, ever so slowly gradually, on two projects. Back in July, we teased our original doujinshi project. The picture above hints a bit more of what we’re doing with that, and I’ll be going into detail of where we are later on. The second project has also come along, and we have some preliminary sketches that will go up very soon.

In case you didn’t know, EtherFuture’s top mission is to produce original creative works (doujinshi) with a focus on the Western anime/manga otaku fandom. Our production of doujinshi is not limited to our own works, but also producing the works of others unable to fully realize their own imaginative ideas. Though we started with illustrative work, it was decided to focus moreso on producing short stories that highlight both sides of this group’s strength as artists and writers. Our two projects – one being an self-conceived doujinshi, and the other a one-shot manga commission – do exactly that.

EtherFuture’s teased project is, in fact, a VOCALOID and Black Rock Shooter doujin. KOU has done a lot of work with character art (coming soon), and I (ALEX) have taken extreme care to learn as much as I could about VOCALOIDs, drawing from various elements within the fandom. From the writer’s POV, it’s a huge burden to jump right into such a popular genre of fandom, but I prefer to start off with a bang. The script is about 50% complete and KOU is excited to jump into the artwork once it’s complete. Know that my story will be unlike what many would predict. I can only hope that it will be well received.

EF’s second project is a Kingdom Hearts one-shot manga commission. The original concept was created by a con-goer who commissioned us at AnimeNEXT. The artwork is being reproduced by KOU. I am playing Director (as usual) to ensure that the story is well presented in manga format and interpreted by KOU’s art, as well as Editor in order to tighten up her writing and cohesiveness of her storyline from start to finish. The script is complete, and KOU has been taking direction from my script as well as myself to wrap this up hopefully by mid-November.

Our next update should include the opening of our FaceBook Page, with a number of pictures for people to enjoy. We’ll keep chugging along, and hope to connect with you soon!

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