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[Otaku-VerseZero & Doujinshi in Akihabara]



Years before EtherFuture or doujinshi were ever a thought in my mind, I was reading essays by Patrick Macias and learning about Japanese culture with his and others as my channels. This guy is one of the most hard-working advocates for bridging the gap between Japan and America pop-cultures and really knows his “otaku” trivia and history.

With that in mind, I’m so glad I came across Otaku-VerseZero‘s latest season 2 episode focusing solely on the doujinshi culture in Akihabara. Patrick covers the advent of doujinshi production cafes (they have cafes for everything in Japan it seems XD), the 4x/year doujinshi event called COMITIA, and shares a sneak preview into the comic-crafting software ComiPo. Though I’m not too keen on ComiPo as a doujinshi creator myself, it’s worth knowing about. Even I learned something from watching!

Just click the link below to view it! Hope you love this segment as much as I did!
OVZ S2 ep13 Doujinshi culture

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  1. Kou says:

    Omg! Omg! Omg!

    WANT! D:

    That was beautiful to watch and he really does seem passionate about bridging that gap and doing such quality work while doing it. But more than anything…DAT CAFE…I must…go…!

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